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Congratulations to Manager of the Year Rob Moore of the Chicago Highlanders! He snuck his team into the postseason with an 87-75 record.



shane victorino

Gambler Shane Victorino led the IAL with a .324 batting average in 2014.

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Latest news:

Postseason and Draft weekend set for Feb. 20-22

-Miguel Cabrera wins MVP! Clayton Kershaw unanimous in Cy Young vote!  Rob Moore honored with Manager of the Year award!

Voting Results

-Northside Hitmen and Moline Upperdeckers tie for first place with 94 wins.  They’ll face Three Rivers Gamblers and Chicago Highlanders in postseason. 

Eligible Rookies for IAL 2014 Draft


The IAL Hall of Fame ballot is out!

Ballot and wrap-up


1975-2013 Stats registry

All-time career and single season hitting leaders

All-time career and single season pitching leaders

Northside Hitmen 94 68 .580 0
Moline Upperdeckers 94 68 .580 0
Three Rivers Gamblers 90 72 .556 4
Chicago Highlanders 87 75 .537 7
Molly Putts Marauders 85 77 .525 9
Kentucky Kernels 82 80 .506 12
Green Rock Bombers 78 84 .481 16
Missoula Rattlesnakes 76 86 .469 18
Twin Cities Thunderchickens 62 100 .383 32
Iowa Oinkers 62 100 .383 32
Player HR Tm
Cabrera, M. 50 NH
Jones, Ad. 47 UP
Goldschmidt, P. 42 NH
Soriano, A. 41 KK
Encarnacion, E. 36 CH
Longoria, E. 36 GB
Alvarez, P. 32 MR
Stanton, M. 31 TR
Bruce, J. 30 NH
Beltran, C. 30 KK

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Delgado, Griffey Jr., Martinez inducted into IAL Hall!


Word came down from IAL vice-commissioner Rob Moore on the results of the Illowa APBA League Hall of Fame ballot. 


“Please welcome your new Illowa League Hall of Fame members:

Pedro Martinez (unanimous)

Ken Griffey Jr. (unanimous)

Carlos Delgado (7 votes)

Nomar Garciaparra, Mike Mussina, and Gary Sheffield each got 6 votes, just missing the cutoff, but will return to the ballot next year.”


It was a banner day for manager Chuck Lucas who managed both Martinez and Delgado and won five championships with their help. 

Here are the official online HOF entries for each player:


You can see the whole list of IAL players (and manager) at the IAL Hall of Fame web page.

Congrats to all three!

Upperdecker bats wake up

The Upperdecker played the Bamm Beanos and T-Chicks two weeks ago and the dice were amazing.  We went 7-2 against John outscoring the Beanos 69-33 and 6-3 against Tom outscoring the T-Chicks 59-30.  The 13-5 record was good enough to win the handmade ceramic dice cup John made which will make its first appearance at this years All-Star weekend.  Some highlights of the games were Asdrubal Cabrera 10 doubles and 4 homers, Votto 7 homers, Neil Walker with a 7 RBI game, rookie Nunez with a 6 RBI game including a grandslam and only missing a single for the cycle.  Adam Jones 22 RBIs i n13 games, Votto 23 RBIs and rookie JP Arencibia 8 homers.  We scored 128 runs on 78 extra base hits for the 18 games.  One of the best dice weekends I cam remember.

2011 Illowa APBA League Draft Central

This post is acting as a launching point for everything to do with the 2011 Illowa APBA League Draft.  If I’m missing something, let me know. 

ial drft 10 029

A reminder of the 2010 rookie draft

First, here is the list of the rookies eligible to be drafted.  Actual playing time is listed for your convenience. 

You can find the draft order of the teams here. 

Mike also listed the players to be dropped by team.  Managers, check to make sure they are correct.  Seeing that this is essentially our retired players for 2010, we’re seeing some decent players leave our league.  Garciaparra, Griffey, Sheffield, and Varitek to name a few. 

Finally, Tedd wrote up a Rookie Draft preview.  I don’t know how much he’s giving up his hand but it’s worth looking at. 


The IAL rookie draft will take place at the Best Western Inn at Naperville on the weekend of March 12-13.  Here is the Google map to the hotel:

View Larger Map

Managers, let Mike and the league know when you think you will be there.


A little birdie told me the draft goes: ThunderChickens, Kernels, UpperDeckers, Bombers, Hitmen, Highlanders, Gamblers, Marauders, BammBeanos, Champions.

Highlanders Take On The New Guy

We ventured out to the banks of the Fox River to play Keith this month. The Highlander lineup continued its streak of hot hitting, hitting .281 on the series and taking six of nine games. We started hot and stayed in the zone for the full series, running our won-loss record to 24-15.

The top performer for the month didn’t even play all nine games; Howie Kendrick went 11-24 (.458/.458/.875) with 7 runs and 4 RBI in 6 games. He also didn’t walk, running his at-bat total to 89 without a walk this season. Stephen Drew also hit well, hitting 2 homers in two separate games and driving in 9 runs. Chris Young hit .324 and had 5 doubles and two steals.

Our pitching was good but not great, with a 4.16 ERA on the series. Roy Oswalt won both of his starts, and Ryan Madson picked up two wins in relief. Jim Johnson lost two in relief, and Julian Tavarez and Cla Meredith both got knocked around a bit, while Andrew Miller got his second start and did a pretty good job again, going 7 innings and allowing only 3 runs, though he did pick up a loss.

On the year, Stephen Drew is leading the team in homers and RBI, with 8 HR and 28 RBI along with a team-leading .290 average. No one is performing extraordinarily, but no one is slumping too badly either; it’s been a strong all-around team effort. On the mound, Oswalt has a 5-2 record in 8 starts, and Felix Hernandez is 4-2. Jeremy Guthrie and Jon Garland are both 3-1. Even Ian Snell is 2-2 with a 2.93 ERA. Brad Zeigler has 10 saves and a 2.13 ERA. The overall team ERA is 3.89.

This next month, with a rematch with the Iowa teams, will go a long way to telling us if our record so far is for real. We expected to compete, but didn’t really expect to compete for first place.

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