IAL MVP, Cy Young, All-League results

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The IAL All-League vote results are in.  Special congratulations to Rob Moore who was voted Manager of the Year for 2014! 


Catcher Vote
Santana, C. 3
Posey, B. 7
Firstbase Vote
Goldschmidt, P. 9
Votto, J. 1
Secondbase Vote
Cano, R. 10
Thirdbase Vote
Cabrera, M. 10
Shortstop Vote
Ramirez, H. 7
Tulowitzki, T. 3
Outfield Vote
Jones, Ad. 10
Trout, M. 7
Soriano, A. 2
McCutchen, A. 8
Stanton, M. 1
Victorino, S. 2
Right Hander Vote
Chacin, J. 1
Iwakuma, H. 8
Harvey, M. 1
Left Hander Vote
Kershaw, C. 10
Rookie Vote
Fernandez, J. 10
Fireman Vote
Rodriguez, F. 2
Kimbrel, C. 3
Ziegler, B. 5
MVP Vote
Cabrera, M. 6
Jones, Ad. 2
Trout, M. 1
Victorino, S. 1
Cy Young Vote
Kershaw, C. 10
Manager Vote
Marcus Bunch 2
Chuck Lucas 1
Todd Ventresca 2
Rob Moore 5

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