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Congratulations to Manager of the Year Rob Moore of the Chicago Highlanders! He snuck his team into the postseason with an 87-75 record.



shane victorino

Gambler Shane Victorino led the IAL with a .324 batting average in 2014.

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Latest news:

Postseason and Draft weekend set for Feb. 20-22

-Miguel Cabrera wins MVP! Clayton Kershaw unanimous in Cy Young vote!  Rob Moore honored with Manager of the Year award!

Voting Results

-Northside Hitmen and Moline Upperdeckers tie for first place with 94 wins.  They’ll face Three Rivers Gamblers and Chicago Highlanders in postseason. 

Eligible Rookies for IAL 2014 Draft


The IAL Hall of Fame ballot is out!

Ballot and wrap-up


1975-2013 Stats registry

All-time career and single season hitting leaders

All-time career and single season pitching leaders

Northside Hitmen 94 68 .580 0
Moline Upperdeckers 94 68 .580 0
Three Rivers Gamblers 90 72 .556 4
Chicago Highlanders 87 75 .537 7
Molly Putts Marauders 85 77 .525 9
Kentucky Kernels 82 80 .506 12
Green Rock Bombers 78 84 .481 16
Missoula Rattlesnakes 76 86 .469 18
Twin Cities Thunderchickens 62 100 .383 32
Iowa Oinkers 62 100 .383 32
Player HR Tm
Cabrera, M. 50 NH
Jones, Ad. 47 UP
Goldschmidt, P. 42 NH
Soriano, A. 41 KK
Encarnacion, E. 36 CH
Longoria, E. 36 GB
Alvarez, P. 32 MR
Stanton, M. 31 TR
Bruce, J. 30 NH
Beltran, C. 30 KK

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